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Water Filter Housings
The best housings for all types of filter cartridges. Ideal for point of use and point of entry; perfect for water treatment in technical and industrial applications.
Self-Cleaning Filters
Self-cleaning water filters with back-wash. Fully equipped with cleanable media filter cartridges, wall mount bracket and wrench.
Sediment Filter Cartridges
Offered in a great variety of materials, lengths, outer diameters, filter rates and end-cap configurations to fit residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
Carbon Filter Cartridges
Chlorine, taste, odor, volatile organic compounds, lead, cyst reduction in a variety of carbon block and GAC filter cartridge formulations and configurations.
Water Conditioning Filters
Cartridges designed for scale-reduction with polyphosphate beads and for iron removal with selective media. Canisters fillable with water conditioning media.


For more than 40 years, Atlas Filtri has been a leader in the water filtration and treatment industry. Our superior design and production of components has launched us to the international forefront of both personal and industrial filtration, with our wide range of products constantly updated to offer new and customized solutions. Our home office, based in Padua, Italy, manages the production and export of products to more than 90 countries.

  • Exclusivity – We define ourselves as your exclusive partners, rather than simple suppliers.
  • Experience – We fuse tradition with innovative approaches, creating a proactive mindset that is always open to new ideas.
  • Ethics – We create long term relationships with stakeholders through our commitment to improvement, transparency, sustainability, and social development.
  • Certifications are a testament to our high standards for work safety and customer satisfaction.
  • We abide by the most stringent worldwide regulations for product manufacturing.
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