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Gas Water Heaters
Complete line of gas-fired water heaters with C-glass tank lining for both residential and commercial applications.


Electric Water Heaters
Commercial and light-commercial point of use electric water heaters.


Oil Water Heaters
Industry leading oil-fired water heaters with capacities of 32 to 271 gallons and BTU/HR ratings of 104,000 to 1,500,000.


Indirect Water Heaters
Indirect water-to-water heat transfer by circulating boiler-fed hot water through a coil inside the tank. Ideal for applications that use boilers for space heating.


Solar/Geo-Thermal Water Heaters
Environmentally-friendly water heaters with optional backup electric heat elements.


Storage Tanks
Standard and ASME certified Potable water storage tanks in capacities from 30 to 6,141 gallons.



Bock is North America’s largest manufacturer of oil-fired water heaters and a leading producer of residential indirect and commercial gas water heaters. We have earned a reputation for building robust products of unsurpassed quality. Today, we manufacture water heaters designed to operate on any fuel (solar, geothermal, natural gas, propane, oil and electricity) and offer a large portfolio of indirect water heaters and storage tanks.

  • Manufacturer of the #1 selling oil-fired water heater in North America
  • Superior heat conduction and fuel efficiency
  • Robust construction and innovative design to inhibit corrosion
  • Water heaters designed to run on any fuel including Solar
  • Manufactured in the USA
1 (800) 794-2491
110 S Dickinson Street, Madison, WI 53703