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Residential Hot Water Heaters
Largest variety of tankless on-demand hot water heaters. Space-saving sizes to fit any location with no extra piping or venting.
Light Commercial Hot Water Heaters
Over 1300 space-saving SKUs to fit any business/commercial application. Powerful 3-phase models which meet all safety regulations.
Heavy Commercial/Industrial Hot Water Heaters
Extensive product offerings with online BIM/Revit library to match your specifications. Designed with OSHA/ANSI safety standards in mind.


With 25 years of experience and 1,000,000+ units installed, Eemax knows how to design water heaters for professionals. No one in the nation sells more tankless water heaters than Eemax, and the support staff, with an average of 10 years experience, stands ready to help solve any problem you may have. Our unique Direct Heating Technology heats water faster and more efficiently, and all water heaters resist lime and calcification, giving them a 20 year minimum lifespan of reliable heat.

  • Proven Performance: Advanced technology for precision, reliability and longevity
  • Proven Choice: The right tankless water heater for any application
  • Proven Expert: 25 years of experience and over 1 million units installed
  • Green, environmentally friendly
  • Designed and built with OSHA/ANSI safety standards in mind
  • #1 supplier of tankless water heater solutions in the USA
1 (203) 267-7890
400 Captain Neville Drive, Waterbury, CT 06705