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Endura®XL Large Capacity F.O.G Management 75-100 GPM
Designed to offer installation flexibility, convenience and durability, while exceeding the performance of traditional gravity based interceptors and plastic/FRP competitors. We offer a comprehensive inventory of spare parts and accessories for external flow control requirements.


Endura® F.O.G. Management 7-50 GPM
Interceptors that are feature-rich with proven field use as high performing, durable and user-friendly. We offer a full line of grease interceptors, flow control devices and a comprehensive inventory of spare parts.


Endura® Plaster Traps
Our plaster traps remove plaster and other fine sediments from waste water before reaching plumbing and sewer systems. Our compact tank configurations are designed to fit into tight spaces and sealed to prevent orders from escaping.


Endura® Floor Sinks & Grates
Injection molded in high quality PVC, all models include a dome strainer. We offer a variety of configurations and grates.



As the backbone of the Separation Technologies product portfolio for IPEX, Endura® grease interceptors are an essential part of operating a commercial or institutional foodservice business. Our injection molding expertise and patented designs offer a lifetime of product performance and suit both internal and external applications with on-floor and in-floor capabilities.

  • 15+ Years field-proven performance
  • 10+ patented & patent pending features
  • Our solutions are tested and approved to 3 national standards
  • Endura solutions are installed in over 10 countries on 5 continents
  • Today we have over 125,000 units in service
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