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Fill & Flush Valves
Universal fit toilet fill and flush valves which replace the older designs with new fill valve technology. Quiet and powerful; includes the world’s #1 selling fill valve.


Easy to install toilet flappers–there’s a Fluidmaster flapper to fit every toilet.


Repair Kits
Easy to install and built to last, our comprehensive line of repair kits can fix your toilet problems.


Tank Levers
Our tank levers come in a variety of styles and finishes to match your bathroom décor.

Water Supply Connectors

The only connectors in the market with Click Seal® technology. No tools required for installation.


Toilet Seals
Wax and wax-free easy to install toilet seals. Our Better than Wax® eliminates the messiness of traditional wax seals.


Fluidmaster, the leading global supplier of fluid management solutions, is found in more toilets than all other brands combined. As the customer’s first choice and preferred supplier of toilet tank trim, we have been ingeniously engineering the internal flushing mechanisms of toilets for more than half a century.

  • #1 Toilet repair brand worldwide
  • Easy to install and built to last
  • 60+ years of plumbing experience
  • Exclusive Pro Series product line for plumbing professionals
  • With global manufacturing facilities, we are quick to market and quick to deliver
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