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Molded Seats Molded Wood
Round and elongated molded wood toilet seats
Natural Wood Seats Natural Wood
Round and elongated solid wood toilet seats with natural wood laminate
Residential Plastic Residential Plastic
Round and elongated plastic toilet seats for residential
Light Commercial Seats Light Commercial
Round and elongated plastic toilet seats for commercial
Heavy Duty Seats Heavy Duty Commercial
Open front less cover plastic toilet seats for commercial
Soft Seats Soft Seats
Round and elongated soft top toilet seats
Acrylic Seats Acrylic Seats
Designer crystal clear acrylic toilet seats with chrome bar hinges

Plumbtech offers a complete line of high quality seats that includes residential molded and solid wood, residential plastic, light commercial and heavy duty commercial plastic for the professional contractor, builder, maintenance and repair technician. All Plumbtech seats meet or exceed established North American ANSI Standards for design and quality.

  • Round Seats
  • Elongated Seats
  • Commercial and Residential Seats
  • Wood, Plastic, and Acrylic Seats
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