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Wireless, App-Based, Full Facility Leak Protection Sytems
Leak detection for multi-floor or app-based sensor identification with notification to your smart phone.


Floodmaster® Localized Leak Detection and Alarms
Cost-effective single location leak detection systems with automatic shut-off.



From point-of-use to point-of-entry, RDT provides reliable, easily deployed technology that protects commercial and residential properties against the preventable effects of indoor plumbing leaks. The traditional FloodMaster® leak detection products, combined with the feature rich, multi-purpose, wireless technology offered by RDT, uniquely positions the organization to offer sole sourcing to meet just about every leak detection application need and budget.

  • 55+ years of leak detection experience
  • Expansive, feature rich product line for every need and budget
  • Made in the USA
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