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High Efficiency Residential Water Heaters
Rheem high efficiency gas and electric water heaters provide homeowners with with not only the comfort of hot water, but substantial energy savings. Rheem offers the largest line of ENERGY STAR® quality water heaters on the market.



Ultra High Efficiency Commercial Water Heaters
Ultra high efficiency Rheem commercial water heaters provide businesses up to 98% thermal efficiencies delivering substantial amounts of low-cost hot water required for commercial applications. They are also equipped with sophisticated diagnostic systems for ease of installation and maintenance.


Integrated Heating & Tankless Water Heating
Home heating and water heating solutions, powered by tankless technology, provide integrated home comfort in one efficient system. When a call for heat is made, the tankless water heater acts as the heat-source for the air handler, providing both hot water and heating for the home.



Solar Water Heating
Solar water heating systems can provide up to 80% of a home’s hot water. The efficiency, reliability, versatility and hot water delivery is unmatched. Homeowners can choose from a variety of systems ensuring they have the best solution for their needs.


Building on nearly a century of industry-leading innovations, Rheem® is the only brand that delivers integrated air and water home comfort solutions—providing our partners with the competitive edge and support needed to attract and serve their customers—and grow their companies.

  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Award winning innovations
  • Trusted family of brands
  • Largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America
  • Nearly 100 years of operation
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