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We manufacture PEX systems, specialized supply components, arresters and trap primers, and access products that include outlet boxes and panels.



We manufacture both residential and commercial drainage products as well as a wide variety of test devices, gauges and accessories.



We manufacture an extensive variety of supply hangers, DWV hangers, and brackets for your precise task resulting in clean, professional installations.




Since 1957, Sioux Chief has designed and manufactured some of the most diverse and innovative rough plumbing products in the country. Our commitment to manufacturing ensures quality, efficiency and savings. Our product innovation is initiated by field research and close interaction with plumbers, engineers, code officials and our distributors.

  • Manufactured in the USA since 1957
  • Best rough plumbing products on the market
  • Our process innovation controls costs and ensures quality
  • Superior customer service dedicated to the plumbing contractor
  • Easy and efficient installation
  • Lead free brass products
1 (800) 821-3944
14940 Thunderbird Road, Kansas City, MO 64147