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Residential Water Conditioners
Water treated with Superior Water Conditioners will dissolve existing scale and protect plumbing systems from future scale build-up, resulting in optimum water pressure and increased life expectancy for appliances and plumbing systems.



Commercial Water Conditioners
Superior Water Conditioners are manufactured to work for many commercial and industrial applications including foodservice, HVAC systems, irrigation systems, boilers and reverse osmosis systems (as well as others). These systems consume no energy and have no chemicals, so they require no hazardous waste reporting.

Superior Manufacturing Corporation is a pioneer in chemical-free water treatment technology. Through continuing research and development, we are able to offer a superior measure against lime/scale corrosion that can be tailored to any system.

  • Unique among water treatment equipment manufacturers for our superior magnetic water conditioner technology
  • Over 400,000 successful installations
  • 50+ years of experience controlling lime and scale corrosion without the use of chemicals
  • Engineering for unique and custom-tailored installations
  • Effective water treatment without harming the environment
  • Building Green Approved
  • 10-year limited warranty
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