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  Freezeless Wall Faucets

  Residential and light commercial freezeless wall faucets provide year-round outdoor water service regardless of temperature.


  Residential Wall Faucets

  Wall faucets and accessories including automatic draining, mild climate and sprinkler supply.



  Yard hydrants, roof hydrants, utility hydrants, sanitary yard hydrants, commercial wall hydrants and mild climate wall hydrants.

  Vacuum Breakers/Backflow Preventers

  Anti-siphon vacuum breakers designed to protect hose connections from contamination from backflow.

Since 1929, Woodford has manufactured residential, commercial and agricultural hydrants, faucets and vacuum breakers. They hold patents on more than 200 inventions which are incorporated into their products.

  • Unmatched trouble-free performance
  • Family owned and operated since 1929
  • Industry leading patented solutions


1 (800) 621-6032
2121 Waynoka road, Colorado Springs, CO 800915