Airco UML080A (UML080210411106) Front Flue Oil Fired Furnace

The Universal Series is a multi-positional furnace that can replace highboy, lowboy, horizontal or downflow furnaces–versatility to fit any application.  The compact design of the Universal Series will allow you to claim more usable area in your basement.


  • Up to 87.5% AFUE
  • New Stainless Steel, High Efficiency Heat Exchanger
  • Upflow, downflow, horizontal left or right applications
  • Low profile – 42.75″
  • Select models meet ENERGY STAR® requirements
  • Four firing ranges .55, .65, .75 and .85 gph; models are shipped at .65 gph firing rate with all alternative nozzles supplied with furnace
  • Front access to heat exchanger.  Easy to clean.
  • Includes a 16″ x 20″ filter rack with washable, reusable filter.
  • Barometric damper (chimney vent only)
  • Listed for closet installations
  • Durable 22-gauge steel cabinet ensures strength while full fiber-reinforced foil faced insulation and “cool-to-touch” technology provide quiet operation.
  • A/C Ready – Up to 4 Tons


  • Chimney Vent Burner Options:  Beckett AFG, Riello 40F3, Carlin EZ-LF
  • Direct Vent Burner Options:  Beckett NX, Riello BF3, Riello BF5
  • Blower Motor Options:  ECM Variable Speed High Efficiency, PSC Direct Drive
  • Downflow floor base kit
  • Blocked Vent Safety Switch
Olsen-Airco Burner Installation Instructions for UML-LRF Direct Vent (PDF)
Olsen-Airco UMLA Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF)
Olsen-Airco UML DIirect Vent Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF)
Olsen-Airco Oil Furnace Homeowner Manual (PDF)
Olsen-Airco Burner Installation Instructions UML-LRF Chimney Vent (PDF)
Airco Oil Furnaces Brochure (PDF)
Airco Full Catalog FW WEB (PDF)


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