Canplas® 193231E PVC DWV W PermOSeal P Trap with U-Bend

Canplas® PVC DWV W Permoseal P-Trap with Union Connection H x H 1-1/2″ White

Installed in a PVC white DWV kitchen or bathroom to prevent sewer gas from entering the home.  The U-Bend is attached to the sink tail piece using an adapter sized to match the tail pipe.  The union connecting the 90 degree bent is flexible enough to allow for a 10 degree angle adjustment in pipe alignment while maintaining a watertight seal.


  • Injection molded in non-toxic durable white polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Service temperature rated at 140F
  • Normally used in the drainage portion of the DWV system only
  • High chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, alcohols, halogens and other corrosive media
  • Union joint is self sealing, no Teflon tape required
  • Use approved PVC primer and solvent cement to make PVC joints
  • Flame retardant, will not support combustion in the presence of an ignition source
Canplas by IPEX 193231E Submittal Sheet (PDF)
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