Endura 3915A02S Grease Interceptor 15 GPM

Endura GI 15 GPM Flow Rate/30LB 2″ SFCD with Spigot


  • Injection molded tank lid and baffels in engineered thermoplastic that will not corrode, chip or peel even under the most severe applications
  • Enhanced performance smaller footprint and no ribs where tank meets floor; easy to clean
  • Maximum service temperature rated at 220°F 104°C
  • Molded one piece tank eliminates seams and potential leaking
  • Weighs up to 60 percent less than directly equivalent metal competitors; offers ease of transport and storage
  • Connected using mechanical joint couplings allowing for use of various piping materials
  • Endura lid supports 440 pounds of pedestrian and light duty traffic
  • Flexibility of installation–can be installed in floor, on floor, or semi-recessed
  • Recessed silicone seal prevents unpleasant odors from leaving the interceptor
  • Cover is provided with an easy open latch system
Endura by IPEX Specifications Guide for Grease Management CAN-ENG (PDF)
Endura by IPEX 3915A02S Submittal Sheet (PDF)
Endura by IPEX Grease Management Catalog (PDF)
Endura by IPEX 7-50GPM Installation, Use & Care Manual 3935A 17 (PDF)
Grease Management
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