Endura XL100 (40100A04M) M-Rated Grease Interceptor

Endura XL100 – M-Rated pedestrian/light traffic access covers – flush to finished floor.

The Endura XL100 is offered in different specifications to provide application-specific solutions where added grease capacity is required.  Using common components to the smaller XL75 models, the XL100 has a larger liquid capacity; being designed and approved for applications up to 100 GPM flow rate.  Installation in heavy traffic areas is possible with the standard supplied CSA Class ‘S’ rate (up to 20,000 lbs) access covers.  Light traffic/pedestrian applications having the alternate option of CSA Class ‘M’ rated (up to 4,000 lbs ) covers.


  • Environmentally conscious solution, molded with re-compounded PE material where availability allows.
  • Rotationally molded for seamless tank integrity.
  • Patented dynamic inlet baffle provides access to integrated flow control in service.  Offers unrestricted access to upstream piping system.
  • Tank design resists floatation and incorporates additional tie down locations
  • Remote pump ready
  • External flow control available for PDI compliant installation
  • CSA B481.0 Approved Class ‘M’ access covers (2,000 lbs max service load – tested 4,000 lbs+)
  • Integrated effluent sampling–removal of the cap provides direct access to the effluent stream for water quality sampling
  • Factory installed three-way outlet system allows 90 degree change of direction to be made through grease interceptor
  • Compatible with XL riser extensions for deeper burial of the interceptor
Endura by IPEX 40100A04M Submittal Sheet (PDF)
Endura by IPEX Grease Management Catalog (PDF)
Endura by IPEX Specifications Guide for Grease Management CAN-ENG (PDF)
Endura by IPEX XL Installation Manual for 40100 (PDF)
Endura by IPEX XL Brochure CAN-ENG (PDF)
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