NTI GF200 Combi Furnace

The innovative GF200 is a unique Combi Furnace that offers a new dimension of comfort, smart efficiency, and energy savings. Its superior quality, integrated and compact design, featuring two appliances in one, allows for fast installation and saves space. The GF200 is equipped with Green Furnace control technology features–the most advanced components providing whisper quiet heating performance as well as quick and abundant hot water.


  • Eligible for energy efficiency rebates
  • Simultaneous operation of space heating and hot water
  • 10-stage modulation for smooth temperature control
  • Extremely quiet and efficient heat delivery
  • Internal recirculation and buffer tank for quick hot water delivery
  • Pairs with air conditioning and heat pumps
  • Vents in PVC, CPVC or Ply Propylene
NTI GF200 Spec Sheet
NTI GF200 Installation Manual v2
NTI GF200 Submittal v2018-04
NTI GF200 Quick Installation Guide v2018-04
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