NTI TX151AC Trinity Combi Gas Boiler

The Tx Combi is the perfect choice for high efficiency water tube combination boiler applications. This boiler provides both space heating and domestic hot water in one single appliance, providing all the heat you need in one compact and affordable package. The boiler is equipped with a primary loop pump and pre-assembled low loss header to make installation easy and super fast. Eligible for energy efficiency rebates.


  • Low loss header manifold included
  • Easy to clean stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Integrated primary loop pump
  • Universal vent connections with embedded test port
  • DHW flow sensor with no moving parts
  • Quick connect components
  • Vents in PVC, CPVC or Poly Propylene
NTI Tx-Series Spec Sheet v2016-09 (PDF)
NTI Trinity-Tx Installation and Operations Manual (PDF)
NTI Tx Combi Submittal v2016-09 (PDF)
NTI Tx-Series Piping Instructions v2013-11 (PDF)
NTI TX Giannoni Heat Exchanger Cleaning Instructions v2014-11 (PDF)
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