Sioux Chief 696-G2313CF OxBox™ Washing Machine Outlet Box

OxBox™ Washing Machine Outlet Box with MiniRester™ Water Hammer Arresters – this model has 1/2″ CPVC male, NO LEAD

The OxBox™ utilizes a patented two-box design and box clip so the installer, designer or specifying engineer can have the most ease of installation, layout flexibility and strength of install available with any outlet box system.  Just flip & clip the boxes into the desired layout for the quickest, most secure and quality installation possible.


  • Boxes mount securely to stud or over studs
  • Separates supply and drainage systems into two stud bays
  • Separate boxes offer flexible layout
  • Durable ABS stands up to job site abuse
  • Drain knockout is easy to remove with pliers
  • Contains two MiniRester™ water hammer arresters
  • Debris covers included to protect boxes from drywall mud and paint
  • High quality quarter-turn ball valves
  • 3/4″ male hose-thread outlet connections
Sioux Chief OxBox Brochure and Installation (PDF)
Sioux Chief OxBox Installation Instructions (PDF)
Sioux Chief OxBox Spec and Submittal Sheet (PDF)
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